Modelling the future through BIM technologies and processes.

We believe in the AEC industry transformation.

TOPBIM differentiate themselves by providing a range of services that integrates BIM technologies and processes that encompass designers, builders, and owners.

Construction owners

· IPD Manager.
· BEP – BIM Execution Plan.
· Municipal Licensing of Prior Information Requests.
· Feasibility study.
· BIM Tender Enquiry Document.


· Site digital pre-construction.
· Industrialisation of Construction.
· Incompatibility Detection.
· Shop Drawings.
· Automatic Measurements.
· Site planning supported in BIM 4D processes.
· Digitalization of the constructive processo on site.
· Alternative optimized projects.


· BIM Integrated Project.
· IPD team’s Integration and Coordination.
· Project Coordination.
· Design review, error and omission detection from BIM 3D models.
· Shop Drawings.
· CAD/CAM Product Development.


TOPBIM’s portfolio showcases our experience across the different market sectors, building typologies, and geographies.